Cosigning Private Loans for Undocumented Medical Students



The David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA is now officially accepting undocumented medical students. Unfortunately, such students are ineligible for federal loans and will generally face a roughly $20,000-40,000 gap in financial aid each year. Private loans are only an option to fill this gap if undocumented students can find a cosigner who meets the requirements below.



To cosign a loan, an individual must:

  • Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Be at least 18 years or older
  • Have a good credit score
  • Ideally, have several assets



  • You will significantly help someone who has contributed so much to this country fulfill his or her dreams of becoming a physician.
  • Many undocumented medical students are committed to working in underserved communities like the ones they grew up in. With your assistance, they can help contribute to closing the gap on health disparities.
  • With DACA in effect and recent state legislation (SB-1159), undocumented graduates can now legally practice medicine in California. Thus, the risk of the medical student eventually defaulting on loan repayments is considerably lower than it used to be.



  • If the borrower fails to make payments, the cosigner will be held liable.
  • Cosigning a loan could make the approval of another loan in the future more difficult if you already have outstanding loans in a significant amount.
  • For more risks to cosigners read the article:


If you are interested in cosigning or learning more, please contact the MedDreamers Board at